We have reached the milestone of 18 years in the most extraordinary year ever!

But the anniversaries should always be celebrated and this, in particular, must be shared with all those who have taken part in the creation and success of PKstudio in recent years: the Customers, the Suppliers and the Team. There is no order of importance, each part has a reason to exist only as a function of the other in a balanced system of forces.

Let’s start with the Customers to whom we thank for choosing us and for continuing to place their trust in us. Some have become good friends over the years. Your requests are always a stimulus for our creativity and it is always a great pleasure to see our ideas realized that become a means for the success of your Brand.

It is thanks to the precious contribution, to the close cooperation with our Suppliers and Consultants, to their willingness to satisfy our production needs and to share their skills, that we have been able to work successfully and use innovative products in the exhibition design. .

And finally to our Team, employees and partners of passionate commitment who with their enthusiasm, strength, ability, ingenuity, talent and effort, in one word, with their inestimable value, have allowed us to reach today.

Many have been with us since the beginning, others have left us over the years, others we will meet, because we are a company that looks ahead and we still have goals to aim for.