In “normal” times we would have been busy building stands around Europe with the usual frenetic pace that our trade fair business requires us.
Instead, this virus has stopped us completely since February 2020!

We at PKstudio are used to designing, building and setting up temporary structures “tailor-made” to the needs of the customer, optimizing the space available, and therefore it came spontaneously to make available our work experience and our know-how gained in 19 activities, for the creation of indoor pavilions for large-scale vaccination of the population.

Taking advantage of the modularity of our set-up material, we have designed a simple and practical replicable basic module that can be modulated and adapted according to specific space and population needs. The basic module provides a one-way path organized with spaces for the acceptance, registration of the citizen and the collection of anamnesis, administration of the vaccine and waiting for observation after vaccination, as well as rooms for health personnel for the preparation of doses.

The structures identified by the Municipalities and by the Health Protection Agencies to be temporarily transformed into vaccination centers, can be sports halls, multiplex cinemas, theaters or large covered spaces in which people must be conveyed in a safe and orderly manner and have a reserved space where you can be vaccinated.

This is a way of affirming that although our business has been completely stopped by the closure of events and trade fairs, our resourcefulness and the will to continue despite everything are alive and make us act with a spirit of resilience.

Then offering our work to the community to which we belong, is an added value that makes us think we are on the right way.